Weird Kinds Of Orgasms For Women

One of the most important reasons for having sex for many people is reaching that feeling that having an orgasm gives you. It’s at the peak of the sexual excitement and your entire body starts spasming. It’s a beautiful feeling and many people rightly put it up there with some of the best feelings in their lives. That being said, did you know that, as women, you can have multiple different kinds of orgasms? We’re not talking about the vaginal and the clitoral orgasms either.

The first kind of unconventional orgasm that you can have as a woman is if someone is stroking or caressing or even kissing your breasts. There are many nerve endings in the women’s breasts and this is a naturally very sensitive area. So, a minority of women have managed to experience what’s known as a nipple orgasm. If you haven’t enjoyed having one – then don’t worry, it’s not that common a form of orgasm either. Many women don’t even really so many nerve endings in their nipples.

You can also have an orgasm during working out – as weird as it can sound. You’re especially “at risk” if you use your hips a lot during the working out process. This can activate the pelvic muscles – which are very important for having an orgasm. And before you know it, you may find yourself in ecstasy, desperately trying to hide it from the eyes of the people around you.

Sometimes, some women will have an orgasm while they are asleep. Your body can react to all the images that your brain conjures during sleep. And sexual dreams are pretty common for many women. So, you may even reach orgasm while you’re asleep.

Anal orgasm is also an option too. There are many nerve endings that could be stimulated with the help of anal penetration. This is not something that everyone would want – or even enjoy doing. However, there is a subset of women that really enjoy having anal sex – and the reason that they can have an anal orgasm is a potent one when it comes to why they would want to do it.

Many women believe that they can achieve orgasm if they hold their urge to urinate long enough. And we can see why this line of thinking persists. After you release the pressure on your bladder, you may feel a shiver in your spine. This is close to how an intense orgasm may feel like. But, as science shows us, this is not an actual orgasm.

In conclusion, we suggest that you always keep on experimenting with your body during sex. Sometimes, you will find out that you’re sensitive in ways that you thought were unimaginable. But it’s one of the most beautiful experiences in the world to learn something about how your body works. Everyone is different to an extent. So, we hope you will have a lot of fun exploring your body and finding new forms of orgasms that you can reach as a woman.

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