Surprising Reasons That You Can’t Orgasm

The rate at which people have orgasm differs; some people can have it easy, while others have failed to have it at all. There are a number of things which are needed to be done when it comes to having an orgasm, one of those things is listening to your body and finding out what could have been the hindrance stopping it from taking place. In this article, we have summed up 10 amazing reasons that could be the major reasons stopping you from having an orgasm.

1. Drinking alcohol

Have you ever think why you have failed to have orgasm after so many hours of drinking alcohol? This is due to the negative impact of alcohol in the body, some of which includes and not limited to damaging of the nerves and killing of sexual pleasure.

2. Lack of steady rhythm or stroke

In the event that you and your partner are constantly changing positions, to lose that job becomes an easy task. It is as simple as this, the more the rhythm your partner achieved with his stroke, the higher your chance of having an orgasm.

3. A physical disorder such as anorgasmia can affect your orgasm

Anorgasmia has been diagnosed in more than 20% of women, which is a great notion for the inability to achieve orgasm. A lot of factors have been found to be responsible for this; all you need to do is to discover which of them could be responsible.

4. If you do not urinate prior to sex

It is considered to be unhealthy when you have sex without releasing the fluid in your bladder. This makes your body to tight up naturally and does not allow you to have an orgasm.

5. If there is any form of distraction

Distraction can occur in any form, this can occur when you face television or when there are lots of thoughts that have occupied your head, the fact remains that distraction is a disaster to your vibe. Prior to sex, ensure that you wade off any form of distractions from your mind.

6. Lack of better knowledge of what makes you orgasm

A number of people lack better knowledge of the orgasm and the entire female body. All women cannot experience orgasm through penetration alone. When it comes to orgasm, the role performed by the clitoris cannot be underestimated. Neglecting your clitoris could be one of the reasons you have failed to have an orgasm.

7. Not enough foreplay

This works pari passu with the understanding of your body. In the event that you have turned a deaf hair to foreplay and you neglect your clit, then it is going to be difficult for you to have an orgasm.

8. There may be a need for you to use lubricant

More than 40% of women need lubricants and more than half do not understand this simple fact. There is nothing wrong with that you need a little more lubricant so everything goes well and you feel better.

9. High level of stress

In the event that you have had a busy schedule throughout the day, or you are stressed as a result of some other things, you are likely to face difficulty having an orgasm.

10. Drugs you are using

Some drugs can make sex very difficult. It could affect you in some ways including killing your sex drive, or leading to the development of other side effects, make sure you go through the drugs you are taking and take note of the side effects. 

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