Things To Know About Sex Lubricants

Sex can get a little bit cranky when the vagina is not well stimulated which could lead to an abrupt end of sex or bearing pains which result in cuts and bruises. Also, feeling pains during sex can be an indication that your vaginal is tearing, and having sex with a torn vagina can increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. These will create a very bad sexual experience. Couples who do not want any of that can immediately look for a solution called lubricants. Sex lubricants have been one of the saving graces in marriages for a long time since it was discovered. Lubricants make sex more pleasurable; you can twist and turn inside the vagina without any friction or pressure that will lead to irritation or cuts. Couples who use lubricants have longer hours of sex and enjoy sex more than does that don’t use it. Let’s look at some of the issues that concern using a lube:

Reduces pain

Sex lubricants just like the name suggest will help to keep the vagina lubricated throughout the sex session. It reduces the pain by making the skin numb and allows couples to enjoy sex without pain a dry vagina would cause. But you should know that some lubricants contain some anesthetics which helps to reduce pain. Some of the anesthetics they contain are benzocaine and lidocaine. While using lubricants like these, you’ll need to be careful. Use only the recommended amount that is indicated. If you still feel pains after use, don’t apply more.

Some lube irritate                                                                                 

Lubricants can help you to improve sexual life if you choose the right lubricant. Avoid purchasing a lubricant that contains sugar, especially those that are flavored. Not only can they expose you to the risk of yeast infection, but they can also irritate the vagina. Avoid lubricants that contain glycerin. Glycerin is a sugar derivative which may be good on your skin, but not in the vagina.

Some lubricants also contain menthol based ingredients which also irritates the vagina. Before using any lubricant, remember to test it by putting it on one side of your labia to see if it burns or causes irritation.

Improves fertility

Some lubricants are designed to help the sperm move smoothly to fertilize the egg. This may sound unrealistic, but such lubricants exist and have been approved by hospitals and fertility centers. So, if you’ve been looking to conceive, you can benefit from a lubricant which will raise your chances of conception while helping you enjoy sex.

Can be homemade

You are bound to come across several commercial lubricants which looks appealing, making you part with your money. But you can use oils at home for vagina lubrication such as coconut oil or vegetable oil which is natural and less irritation.

The oil-based lubricant is bad for condoms

Using commercial and homemade oil lubricant will damage your condoms and leave you open to infections and unwanted pregnancy.

Lubes is safe for sex

As long as you are using water based lubricants with no harmful ingredients, you can enjoy its benefits for sex. It is perfectly normal to use it especially if you experience frequent vaginal dryness.

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