Improving Your Sexual Life through Fitness Exercises

The benefits of exercise cannot be overemphasized. It has been stressed more often than not what regular exercise can do for the body, from strengthening of the muscle, to reducing the risk of chronic conditions like osteoporosis and rheumatism. This is aside the fact that it contributes to burning of calories thereby keeping you in shape and preventing heart diseases. Exercise will help to improve your sexual life.

Another benefit of exercise which most people do not know of, or probably do not believe is exercise makes you enjoy sex better than when you do not exercise. There are a lot of sexual benefits to be gained by both men and women who exercise regularly. Let’s check out some of those benefits:

Natural Viagra

When a man exercises regularly, it is unlikely that he experiences sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction. Because in the first place, he would be careful with his diet and also exercise will help strengthen the muscles around the pelvic floor. Haven’t you noticed that military men are sexual active? This is because they are always engaged in rigorous exercises during trainings. The same goes for women. Most feminine exercises involve stretching of the vaginal area which stimulates it and increase sexual arousal in women. Take for instance a woman riding a horse with her legs astride the horse, her cervix are opened and her clitoris in constant touch with the saddle while riding the horse. This would definitely arouse her than a lady who is just sitting at home playing her phone. It is the same process with women who cycle, lift weights or squat.

Sexual Desirability

It is obvious that everyone would chose to hit the sheets with a well sculpted body than one that is not. The sexy body will boost sexual desire within. Just viewing a well formed abs can send you to the fantasy land of sex where you will imagine grinding with the owner. It is a popular knowledge that only fit people can dare to do a wheel barrow standing position or the butter churner. And although men would love to try these styles out, they are also afraid that they don’t end up fracturing someone’s skull, so they would obviously go with someone that gives them that physical assurance.

Increased minutes of love-making

Exercise gives you strength to carry out your daily task including love-making. Nobody wants to be with a man who climbs off the bed after a minute stroke simply because he is tired. He might even be forgiven if he had a premature ejaculations than when he says he is tired! Ladies want a man to grind on them whether in missionary position or doggy position without complaining of a hurt knee. Likewise, men do not want women to just lie down like a sack of potato while they do all the work. They want teamwork to make it satisfying for bought parties. A fit woman can make missionary a fun position is she is able to arch her hips and use her legs to move to the rhythm of the man.

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