How To Make A Woman Orgasm Easily

Orgasm most times are associated with squirting, a female ejaculatory response. But what if your partner does not squirt, how do you ensure she enjoys the time she spends with you?  Getting your partner to go through intense orgasm while rumbling in the bed with you also have advantages for you. Sex is more exciting and arousing if both partners achieve orgasm.


Let’s look at creative ways to sexually fulfilling your spouse


Foreplay is the best way to ensure your woman experiences orgasm during sex. If you neglect this section, you may end up having a dry and bland sex with no emotions what so ever.

Foreplay can be through a warm embrace, a romantic look, gentle skin contact or stimulating each of her organs without waiting for a return stimulation.

When you are able to stimulate a woman, you will notice a change in her body which happens because of the increased blood flow to her private parts. You’ll notice an increase in her cup size, lubricated vagina and her skin becomes more sensitive as she reacts to any slight touch.

Continuous stimulation 

When you notice the changes in her body, you will need to work more gently on her to avoid irritation. At this time, her clitoris is extra sensitive and any wrong stimulation can put her off and make sex look like a routine. If you are not sure how to please her clitoris through oral stimulation or deep fingering, concentrate on her enlarged and soft breast which at this time is yearning for your touch. Other parts you can touch include her neck, but rib sides and other erogenous zones you cab glide your tongue through. Gently stimulating her will make her climax a second time.

Concentrating on the clitoris

Now that you’ve touched every other part, it is time to play with where the wetness comes from. Rather than rushing off to insert your penis, you can begin with gentle sucking her labia majors while fingering the vagina opening. Listen to her body rhythms as you touch her and know what part of her vagina excites her more so you can concentrate on pleasing her more. But this does not mean you should get stuck with one part of her vagina, you can find other places which causes her eyes to roll in excitement. If possible, master the art of fingering and knowing where to touch when you insert you fingers inside a women. You could stimulate her g-spot through fingering and cause faster orgasms. Touch her vagina as gentle as possible till you hear her scream in ecstasy or she becomes wetter.


Unless you want to make the night all about pleasing her and she totally agrees with you, you may want to finish the process with a skillful penetration. At this point, you may be feeling hyperactive and feel like plunging deep into her and rocking away. But remember, this moment is all about her. Lasting longer in bed is not as good as giving her an intense orgasm. Gently glide in and out of her vagina every five strokes to get her more stimulated before rocking her continuously till you both cum.

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