How To Last Longer In Bed with These Few Tricks

Imagine doing the dishes, taking out the garbage, and cooking that Mac and cheese she loves so much, just to get her in the mood for some good loving. She gives you the green light by inviting you to come take a shower with her, you sweep her off her feet and take her to the well made king sized bed. You both rip off your clothes, hungry to feel each other, she comes on top of you, ready to ride you like the wild cowgirl she is…after five strokes, and you nut…seriously! She sighs as she comes off you and you sheepishly mutter, “I’m sorry”. Well, you might be really sorry when she tries the dick next door!

Let’s check out a few tricks to save you from the embarrassment of premature ejaculation next time you want to feel your woman:

Kegel Exercise

You might be wondering what kegel is doing at the top of the list. It’s a woman thing right? Wrong! Kegel exercise can be done by both sexes. While women engage in kegel to make the vagina tighter and give maximum pleasure to their partner during sex, men should do kegel to help with premature ejaculation. For men, what this means working out the pubococcygeal muscles located in your pelvic floor. You can do this by contracting the pubococcygeal for ten seconds before releasing it. Do this for five to ten minutes daily. This will help you be in control of your ejaculation in order to give your partner utmost sexual pleasure.

Halt and Squeeze

This technique helps you suppress ejaculating prematurely if you do it right. When you are already inside your partner and you feel the sperm rushing through your penis ready to burst out, stop thrusting immediately. Take it out and squeeze the area just below the penis cap. Apply pressure on the area using your thumb, then go in again. This act helps prevent premature spilling by pushing the blood that hitherto was piled up in the penis back to where it came from.

Please Your Partner First

One of the reasons I’m sure you are searching for a cure to premature ejaculation is because you want your partner to feel the thrill of sex just like you do. But do you think it’s all about the long hours of thrusting? There are several other ways to please your partner and make her feel satisfied. You can give her a good head, gently stimulating her clitoris with your tongue, sucking lightly with one of your hands playing with her nipples or your fingers fingering her opening. You can also use sex toys to supplement your effort. Just ensure to make her moan before you go about looking for how to get your own orgasm. This would make both parties happy.

Cut Down On Sugar

Excess sugar intake is bad for your sexual health. Sugar could come in form of sodas, alcohol or fruit juice. Reducing your intake will go a long way in stopping premature ejaculation when added with other medical measures prescribed by an expert.