Foods That Help To Boost Your Sexual Interest

So you may think sex has nothing to do what you eat but how you feel. That is a very wrong notion which you need to let slide and embrace the wonders of food and how it impacts your physical and psychological well being.

Certain targeted food has been used for years to treat certain mood disorders, infections and also your attitude to sex. Believe it or not, food triggers a reaction in the brain which is a source too so many things we feel. If you want to boost sexual desire, there are some foods and snacks you will need to eat more often. Here are some of them:


Number one food on the list for increased libido is meat. If you are planning to eat pork, chicken or beef for lunch or dinner, you can be sure your sex game will be tight that night. These meats contain amino acid substances such as l-arginine, carnitine, and zinc which are used to increase blood flow, sending them down to the penis or vagina to feel more open to sex and even maintain an erection in men. But remember to eat meat in moderation to reduce the risk of having heart disease.


Oysters are superfood which does not only helps the brain function, but it also increase testosterone and makes your sexual desire pronounced. Oysters also contain zinc which helps to increase blood flow to your private region to improve and maintain an erection. Other types of seafood that contain zinc and helps to boost your sex life are slams, scallops, lobsters, and crab.

Nuts and seeds

Have you thought of munching on peanuts rather than a hamburger? There are more benefits to the former than later. To boost your sex life, you can eat nuts and seeds such as cashew, almond, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans, sunflowers seeds and pumpkin seeds. These nuts contain zinc and l-arginine, two important nutrients concerned with increase libido and sexual activeness.


The smell might be irritating, but not the effect it has on your sexual organs. Have you been experiencing a lack of sexual interest of late, help yourself with some cloves of garlic for a sexual boost?

You can eat garlic with your partner to boost each other’s sexual interest for a blissful night. Eating the garlic with your partner might reduce the effect of the irritating smell while both of you concentrate on how to pleasure each other.

Red wine

Red wine has always done to the magic to get in a sexy mood , so yes, it’s part of the foods that can increase sexual appetite especially in women. It helps in making the vagina wet quicker than without drinking it. But be careful not to overdo it as it could cause a reverse effect instead. Stick to one or two glasses of red wine every day, no more than that.

Other foods that can help boost your sex life are fruits such as apple, watermelon, and strawberry. You can throw avocados and chocolate to the mix if you want.

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