Five Ways To Reignite Your Sexual Life

Have you been stuck up with boring sex or you are getting no sex at all? This is quite common especially with long-term partners who may believe they’ve tried out all the sex moves and there is nothing left to do. Or probably they’ve gotten so used to each other that they become siblings rather than lovers. Reigniting a dead sexual life does not come easy as each partner will have to put to make it work.

Here are a few easy steps to reignite your sex life:

Add a new memory

Are the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and other household spaces becoming regular? Why don’t you try a hotel around your area or go for a vacation? When you do something new and exciting, you can feel the adrenaline rush causing emotions to flow which may be the best time to get some good loving.

Avoid getting stuck doing the same thing every position or routine every other day. If you are scheduling sex due to your tight schedule and the date is always Thursday, you can try early sex on Wednesday. This will help to prevent conditioning your brain to “let’s get it over with” on Thursday.

Bond with an activity

When did lady you try cooking for your partner while she watched you or held you from behind? It doesn’t have to be cooking, you can try a merry go round in the amusement park, watching a movie together or anything that could bring about holding hands, laying of head on one’s chest, cuddling, etc. is worth trying out to see where it would take both of you.

Take a sex class

Do you need professional help to get your sex life back? And no, we don’t mean talking to a therapist or doctor, we are talking about a sex class. Taking a sex class might be all you need to break free dull and unsatisfactory sex. I attended a sex class before, you learn things like awesome sex positions, how to use sex toys and use them right. When looking for a sex class, ensure to roll into one that makes both you and your partner feel comfortable. After each class, be sure to make out time to practice what you’ve learned as practicing will ensure you don’t forget and gives room for improvement.

Watch an erotic movie together

Rather than a comedy or action movie night, why don’t you watch some erotic movies to get things stirring downstairs? You can get yourself excited by watching realistic porn movies or romantic movies that involve lots of body contact. This could make you guys imagine yourselves as the characters, and it won’t be long before both of you hit the sheet.

Touch yourself

Touch yourself, not in secret but the front of your partner. Men will get stimulated immediately seeing a lady massaging her breasts or playing with her nipples. Make it more flirtatious by adding baby oil to the twin boobs before massaging. Is your man at work? Do send him a video of you doing the massage and watch him get on the bus to meet up with you! Foreplay even before you meet up, sexting is a good way to seduce and act as a sexual stimulation with mind.

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