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Buy Online Herbal Sex Pill – Buy Activ Homme in Australia – FAQ

  • How do I buy Activ Homme in Australia?
    • You can Buy Activ Homme at our website, simply browse through our site to check for the bundle you need to arrange. The bundle will be deliver at the earliest opportunity, and its prudent package.
  • How long does it take to deliver to Australia?
    • Delivery time will vary depending on your location, and work loan for the delivery company. Order will process on next working day.
    • Please be remind that it will take some time to clear customs and we are not able to control the time.
      1. DHL Express – 3 – 5 business days.
      2. Normal post – 14 – 21 business days.
  • Do I have to pay extra duties or taxes for Internationally shipped items?
    • These products may be subject to customs fees, GST, and import duty, where applicable.
  • What if I want to cancel my order?
    • Cancellation is not allowed if your order has already been dispatched.
  • How can I find out more about Activ Homme?
  • How do I make payment?
    • We accept payment from Paypal and all major credit cards including MasterCard, American Express and Visa.
  • Order tracking
    • Tracking code will be available within 3 business days, please check it in your Paypal account.
  • Home delivery
    • Deliveries will be delivered to your nominated address. Delivery company will request signature and details of recipient. If they are not, parcel is available at a nearby Post Office or delivery company. Try to avoid PO Boxes address for delivery, seller are not responsible for loss of parcel.
  • Which part of Australia do you ship to?
    • We cover the most part of Australia including Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, Northern Australia Territory and so on.
  • What should I do if I receive incomplete/defective Activ Homme?
    1. Please send us an email telling details of the problems, we will try to assist you regarding it.